Let’s go to Cabo amigos!

Let's go to Cabo!

Let’s go to Cabo! Everyone’s ready to hit the road.


Our tour started a few days ago, should be seeing Cabo pretty soon. We had a bit of a rough start, but now things seem to be going a lot smoother. Baja is always full of surprises, and not necessarily in a good way, after the last rainy days the terrain has change “a bit” here and there. But also, on the bright side, the desert is as green as ever, everywhere you turn there’s so much color!

The guys are enjoying the ride, despite the challenges, and are for sure eager to arrive to Cabo where they will be seeing their families to spend some quiet time, and tell them all about their Baja adventure.

So let’s go to Cabo! If you’d like to have your very own Baja adventure, you know how to find us (right?)

Even our dogs Luna & Trophy are ready for Cabo.

Even the dogs are ready to go to Cabo!
#Luna #Trophy

Stay tunned to read about the end of the tour! Cabo here they come!

San Felipe to Cabo tour.

Cabo here they come! San Felipe to Cabo ride.