Considering that no matter where we are, it is always dangerous to ride a motorcycle.

Dont forget that we will be riding in remote areas where something unexpected can occur;

with this being said, we must always use our common sense and use our head.

In our trip planning, we meticulously evaluate the road along the peninsula, doing everything possible to identify and minimize any possible risk.

We also select the most secure and comfortable hotels to rest and dine in.

Safe state

Despite the problematic in some parts of Mexico, we have to remember that Baja California is a pretty safe state, a lot people living here (including americans) coincide about feeling as safe, or more, than in some parts of the USA.

At various points along the way, we will find military check points that are precisaly to ensure our safety and tranquility.

Our support vehicles (which will always be near by), are equiped with satellite phone and radio; likewise, the motorcycles have GPS.

Our guides are also responsible for constantly evaluating our customers, to ensure they are riding on the right terrain in accordance to their capabilities.

To ensure your safety and the safety of the other drivers, please make sure you:

Follow any and all of the rules and instructions given by your guides.

Take responsability for your own safety.

Listen carefully, and do not take advice/suggestions from our guides lightly, or as personal criticism;

they have all the necessary expertise in the Baja field.

In addition to our interest for you to have a good time, the most important thing is your safety.