We know that your time is important, so we have tried to gather all the information that may be useful, including everything because we understand that scheduling this trip can be expensive and time consuming.

Our travel packages include:


All transfers to and from the San Diego Airport or Hotel nearby, including border fees/tolls and luggage handling are included. In the longer tours from 5 and 7 days, the customer will depart by plane directly from the place of destination.


You deserve to eat like a king after arduously driving all day! All meals are included on this trip, chosen among the best traditional dishes of meat and fish of Baja (occasionally, we will have to stop to eat in remote areas, away from the towns, and we will have to settle for sandwiches or cold dishes). Also, Condor Baja Tours will provide all the water for the Camelbacks, snacks, sports drinks and soft drinks! The offer does not include alcohol.

NOTE: If you suffer from any allergies, you must inform us of it at the time of making your reservation so that we can take the necessary precautions.


Condor Baja Tours will offer you the most comforting of Baja accommodations.


A solid and reliable motorcycle is a necessity when you travel long and challenging distances as these. The bikes that we provide in the tour, are in perfect mechanical condition, with some specific changes for the roads of Baja, made by our professional guides, who have all the necessary experience and countless races and victories on the tracks of the Baja 1000.


Our Team with the resources, equipment, spare parts, radios and satellite phones are our guardian angels. They are the ones who will take care of the luggage, supplies, fuel, maintenance and repairs, to give us something fresh to eat and drink, and dozens of other small, but important details. Also, our support staff will always be linked to radio-intercom with our guides in order to better coordinate any requirements.