Who we are

CONDOR BAJA TOURS was created in 2006 out of the passion and love of two friends for Off Road Baja racing, the picturesque territories south of the border and the wonderful people of México.

Baja California, a last border to the freedom of a magical place, evokes scenes from a distant and forgotten time. This peninsula of close to 1000 miles, isolated from the rest of Mexico, extends from the US border (California and Arizona) to the South ,the West to the Pacific Ocean, and to the East to the Sea of Cortés or Gulf of California.

A true paradise for us lovers of the Off Road, with scenery to admire from the pine trees of the Picacho del Diablo, to the giant cactus at the Valle de Los Sahuaros (Valley of The Giants) in San Felipe; a true rarity in the world for the natural biodiversity of flora and fauna, as well as amiable weather.


Our mission is and always will be, to share with you, our fellow enthusiasts from all over the world, the adventure and excitement of the most famous race in America, the Baja 1000. With a team of experienced guides, fully equipped support vehicles and motorcycles, all essential and emergency needs are met with care and expediency by a knowledgeable crew.

Our travels together will be an opportunity to share an unforgettable off road adventure in the wild Baja as well as affording you the chance to learn about this magnificent land while experiencing great joy, hospitality, and delicious Mexican cuisine.

Ride our “pure blood” 450cc through landscapes of mountains, beaches, deserts and old missions. At the end of the day, dirty, tired but happy, with our mouths dry from the dust of the desert, we’ll share some very cold and well deserved beers, while enjoying the most spectacular sunsets.

Without question, the person writing this is a romantic man, totally in love with this place, its people and scenery. For this, on behalf of Condor Baja Tours, I wish that the DNA-BAJA, enters into your blood as well, with this promise: you won’t forget us!

Why the symbol of the Condor in our logo?

The Condor is the symbol of this land and we will see it often in our adventures, watching us from atop a cacti, giving us the excitement to live an adventure that we have long dreamed of. Sacred Aztec Empire totem figures represent well the meaning and pride of this ancient land whose own identity has never completely submitted to the Spanish Empire.

Icon of wild freedom and untouched places …exactly what you are going to discover on the wings of CONDOR BAJA TOURS!!

Our Team

Stefano Caputo

After a few years of competing in enduro races in his country of origin (Italy), he decided to move to Baja California after spending a vacation there, falling in love with the charm of this place; this was 13 years ago. He started again: he began as a “Baja” pilot in the Sportsman category in the famous off road races Baja 250, Baja 500, Baja 1000 and CODE in 2004, after optimal results he moved up to PRO category, and after numerous victories in Baja 250 and 500, in 2010 he fulfilled his dream: he won the Baja 1000.

In the last 4 years, thanks to the accumulated experience and the spirit of his team, Stefano has led Jano Montoya to victory in the PRO category of motorcycles, winning first place in the Baja 500 and 1000 in 2016/2017 as well as first place in Baja 250 and 500/2018.

Roberto Fratus

42 year young Italian, united by a deep friendship of almost 40 years with Stefano, and by the same passion for motorcycles and the off road, born in the courtyards and the mountains of Northern Italy.

After years of developing an industrial quality control organization and consulting business and having experienced off road Baja California, in 2013 he decided to leave Italy to follow his dreams and ambitions, initially moving to the Dominican Republic to complete a project, and then to his beloved place: Baja California.