Let’s do some catching up amigos!

In the latest happenings with Cóndor: last year’s race, Baja 1000 (54th edition) was a 1,226 mile long journey from Ensenada to La Paz. And fortunately, was a pretty amazing one as Montoya racing took 2nd place in pro-class 30, & making it to the podium on their very first Baja race, was the new team Lundin-Dusendang, winning first place in their class (sportsmans).

Congratulations to everyone in the teams 325x and 235x, as well as to all other participants in this race!

Stefano Caputo (Cóndor Baja Tours), race teams 325x Montoya's racing and 235x Lundin-Dusendang team.

Race teams 325x & 235x at the finish line of the Baja 1000, in La Paz, Baja Sur; and one of the happiest people in Baja: Stefano Caputo (Cóndor Baja Tours).


Then tour season began, and after a few days off, we’re ready to hit the road! And boy did we have a great start! Eventhough one might always be a bit shy about meeting a new group, it all always works out, specially if you like martinis!


Jim & Gene & Bryan & Stefano at the shop, checking out the race bikes.

Jim, Gene, Brian & Stefano at the shop, checking out the race bikes.

Sure looking forward to seeing these guys again!

I guess really the latest happenings are that our first group of 2022 made it back home, safe and sound! All kidding aside, we hope Sean comes back to Baja sometime

This was our first 7 day off road tour ride to Cabo, to start off the year doing one of the things we love: riding dirt bikes! #werideorange

Originally, this was going to be the usual Ensenada-Cabo tour, but we did a little adjustment to the itinerary, and this allowed us to hang out at Baja Oasis with our friend and guide on this tour, Justin.

Cóndor Baja Tours at Baja Oasis.

Cóndor Baja Tours at Baja Oasis, day one of tour to Cabo.


Ensenada Cabo tour, different shots of the group during the tour.

7 day ride to Cabo.


Cóndor's products: shirt, cup and stickers.

Breakfast with Cóndor.


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Stay tuned for more of the latest happenings! #werideorange