San Felipe

Extends from Punta El Machorro in Punta Estrella, surrounded by desert, originally a fishing village that has developed over time due to tourism. Here in the sea of Cortez we can find a variety of fish such as corvina, grouper, mackerel, cochito and sierra among others, and of course we can’t forget the crustacean that brought much fame to San Felipe: the blue shrimp.

If you walk down the malecon (boardwalk), you can find some entertainment in the various food stands and restaurants that offer from the most delicious seafood dishes, to the most tasty and simple fish tacos. In June the Clam Festival takes place, Ceviche Fest in September, the Shrimp Festival in November and many other events that take place throughout the year filling the malecon with music, dance and a variety of food.

A sight worth seeing is the desert near San Felipe in which you will find sand dunes where the people enjoy practicing sandboarding, and which have also served as the backdrop to films and documentaries. Here you can learn about the cave paintings that are in Vallecito, Valle de Guadalupe, and The Pints among others.

San Felipe beaches: large and beautiful white-sand beaches that extend south for 80 kilometers which you can explore on a bike in absolute freedom.

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