The Baja 1000 is one of the toughest non-stop races in the world, and this year after so much effort and commitment, it has given us immense happiness, the 404x team of Jano Montoya won the Baja 1000-2016 and conquered the championship in class 40 of the SCORE INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. We are very proud that Condor Baja Tours contributed to this victory by prepping the motorcycles for Jano and by taking care of the logistics during the prerunning and the race with strategic pit stops. The race was very hard-fought, the teams to defeat carry names of the caliber of Mike Johnson, Colie Potter, and Chad Thornton, and we’ve disputed the victory of the championship to the end. The night of the race was our friend, and mile after mile we were able to take advantage and climb up to first place, arriving 7 minutes ahead of the second place; congratulations to all in class 40. Condor Baja Tours is affectionaly and proudly thankful for the trust placed in our organization, with the wish of seeing you next year proudly wearing the number of the champions: 400x.